My Short Stories

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 The Island Writers’ Network of Hilton Head Island, founded in 1999, has published four
anthologies of members’ works. I have been on the editorial IWN logo Smboard for all of them and have short stories in each.  

All four titles can be purchased on Amazon Books. The first 3 retail at $14.00.  Time and Tide retails at $15. Don’t pay more!  And I hope you can find a bargain. The first two are also available on Kindle. Visit the IWN website at

Unpacked-Staying Cover

IWN’s first anthology, Hilton Head Island: Unpacked & Staying (2007), has been a local favorite for 9 years. The alligator at the door really happened in Sun City Hilton Head. The story explaining it is in the book. My short story, “Island Therapy,” page 15, is semi-autobiographical. After 25 years of living in New Jersey, I had to learn how to pump my own gas all over again.

Hilton Headings Cover

Hilton Headings (2009) has my story, “Invisible Fences,” on page 7. It’s about being a good neighbor and realizing that everyone has a backstory that can change your opinions.

Dream-front-cover_large_Island Writers NetworkHilton Head Island: Living the Dream (2012) celebrates idyllic life in the Lowcountry and has two of my stories about quirky people. “Cooking for Elvis,” page 19, is a tribute to friendship and Southern hospitality. “Pebble,” page 47, honors anyone with an unusual first name.


IWN’s latest anthology, Hilton Head Island: Time and Tide (2015), debuted at IWN Book Cover_Time and Tide.2the Heritage Library’s Lowcountry Reads for the Holidays, along with the late, revered Pat Conroy, his wife, Cassandra King, and Pat’s stable full of Story River Books authors. My short story, “Cool,” page 47, was inspired by the hard-working family who does our landscape maintenance. The son, José, did exactly what my character Tomas wants to do.