The Famous Panda Joke

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Is Grammar Humor an oxymoron? The famous panda joke,  whose punchline became the title of a best-selling book by Lynn Truss on – of all things, punctuation – is my lead-off Grammar Geek post.

But first, a warm-up-act.  

Let’s eat Grandma,” said the starving children.

 “Let’s eat, Grandma,” said the starving children.

Commas save lives.

And now for the panda joke. As far as I can tell from an Internet search, the source is that world-renown wit, Anon.

A panda walks into a deli and orders a sandwich. When the waiter brings the sandwich, the panda eats it, takes out a gun, shoots the waiter, and leaves.
The manager runs after him shouting, “Hey, Panda! You just shot my waiter. He’s bleeding. He could die! You can’t do that.”

“Hey, I’m a panda. That’s what Pandas do. Look it up.

The manager gets a dictionary, looks up panda, and reads: “Panda: Black and white bear, native of China; eats shoots and leaves.

Absence of commas saves lives too.


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