SWEAT SISTERS now available at these locations

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The year is 2010, and four New Jersey middle school teachers are sweating their way through a rough school year. What are they sweating?  A hot and heated political climate with a hostile governor, an unsettled contract, overcrowded classrooms, an aerobics class, and …  oh yes, menopause. Alicia has started muttering to her scales. BarbarSlide1a hasn’t slept well in years. Phoebe gets her energy from avenging anger. And Marianna? Marianna is  a train wreck. The national political scene looms large with governors trying to bust unions and make up for state deficits on the backs of public employees. The Sweat Sisters bond, cry, console, and laugh together as they endure meltdowns, betrayals, and reinventions that ultimately bring them to a new understanding of themselves and the political realities that frustrate their desire to “just teach my kids.”

SWEAT SISTERS is available here: