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SWEAT SISTERS now available at these locations

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The year is 2010, and four New Jersey middle school teachers are sweating their way through a rough school year. What are they sweating?  A hot and heated political climate with a hostile governor, an unsettled contract, overcrowded classrooms, an aerobics class, and …  oh yes, menopause. Alicia has started muttering to her scales. Barbara hasn’t slept well in years. Phoebe gets her… Read more »

Divorce Them

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People really do try, but it’s amazing what awful grammar they produce when they think they are getting it right. I even hear this error from cable newscasters , and especially from sportscasters.    “Ms. Grant gave he and she a nice wedding gift.” Cringe!!!!  The only way to prove how to fix this is to split up the happy couple.  … Read more »

Better stick to Latin

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Headline: “PENDING CHANGES IN VATICAN CITY EFFECT TOURISTS.”  [From an Untours post, 4/1/16.] Synopsis: Pope Francis has decided to go green and convert the Vatican fleet and the Popemobile to Tesla electric cars. Taken literally, the grammatically incorrect headline means the changes could create tourists. In reality, these changes might affect tourism adversely because the Teslas will require more electric… Read more »

The Wilds of Hilton Head Island

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    This eagle sat on a pine tree limb over our street all afternoon one day in late February.  It was unruffled by a murder of crows, landscape mowers and blowers, the occasional delivery truck, and people gawking and taking photos. Terry took the photo using a monopod, and The Island Packet published it.  To see the photo, continue to  “read more.”… Read more »